Saturday, December 31, 2016

Over the finish line??

I thought we were done with 2016, but Mr Wazoo burst my bubble when he informed me New Year's Eve is TOMORROW!! All day, I thought it was the night, and I would drink some champagne and watch a chick flick. Nope. I was a day off. The week between Christmas and New Year's is a dumb thing. Are we off? Are we working as usual? Do we still eat our body weight in cookies and turkey?! Yes, yes, and of course!
So you see, the quilt count is a bit off. We quilted another three quilts and I made a flimsy that will be finished tomorrow...the real end of the year.

Mr Wazoo quilted this. When I saw it, I knew I had to make one, too.

I can't remember the name of the panto, but it looks like the swirls in the red fabric.

I quilted this veteran's charity quilt for the nursing home.

The panto is called Star in a lazy log. Weird name...

I put this fun picnic fabric on the back.

I drafted the pattern and made the quilt!
I just had to do it.

The next one needs more contrast, but this one is okay for a prototype.
It will be a nursing home quilt, too.

Mr Wazoo did this pretty purple quilt, too.

Panto: Ribbon roses
Tomorrow, I will quilt the flimsy from today, and probably another customer quilt. Or maybe I'll goof off...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wazoo 2016 statistics

The year is drawing to a close, and we have looked back to see what we have done this year. Between the two of us, we quilted 342 customer quilts. 267 were pantographs, 47 were custom quilted, and 28 were commissioned quilts and repair/ finish jobs.
I made 60 quilts from scratch: 20 for charity, 19 commissioned by customers, 7 for family members, One is a guild raffle quilt, 8 were guild challenge quilts, and 5 were just for fun. I gave away 55 of these and kept 5. I also made and gave away three pillows!
Our busiest month was November (no surprise here!) when we quilted 40 pantographs and 5 custom quilts.
I think 2016 was busy enough for us! We are still quilting in December...finished another 4 quilts today. I have started a customer project from some partial Dresden plates made by a family member and stored away for years. Should be fun!

This is a comfort quilt for my guild

Nice batiks in this one

Panto: Twirling leaves

If you look at this closely, it is a fairly simple pattern. I think I need to make this...

Panto: Trailing vine

This quilt is so restful. I love the soft colors.

I can't remember the name of the panto...

Mr Wazoo loaded this one and is ready to go tomorrow!
(look closely...same pattern as the earlier green one. I really need to make one of these!)

Dresden plates. I made some of the middle circles today, and the plate on the right.
There are 48 plates, so with some sashing, it should be a decent size when I'm done.
A two month project, for sure...
I'm ready to wipe the slate clean and start the 2017 count! Happy New Year to one and all. Enjoy the slideshow of the quilts I made in  2016.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Let down from Christmas

And just like that...its over! Getting older makes everything move at the speed of light where family is concerned. One second, they're here having fun, and the next, they're waving good-bye. My son and daughter in law made it back to Wisconsin yesterday, and my daughter leaves today. We're off to Atlanta to deliver her to the airport later today, and then, we'll return to the quiet of the mountainside home we love.
Grandpa has their rapt attention while eating breakfast

This pixie kept us on our toes!

So happy to have them here!

Christmas morning.
Time to get back to normal and in the studio. I guess a bit of 'letdown' is normal.I hope you all had a wonderfulChristmas. Now, go take a nap! You deserve it.