Saturday, February 25, 2017

A little detour

Yesterday, I had a lesson on my new machine from an APQS dealer from Marietta. Shirley drove up here to answer my questions and show me some tricks that will make my quilting go better. I'm still not 100% with the Millie, but I will try, try, try to get comfortable with using it. I took off the partially finished quilt I was working on, and put on a charity quilt for the practice session. After Shirley went home, I finished the quilt, machine sewed the binding and label on and re-mounted the custom job. I'm determined to get it finished this weekend.
pretty charity quilt for Pieceful Mountain Quilters guild.

Pattern: Dazzle

This quilt is really soft, thanks to the lovely hand of the fabrics used.

Progress is being made on this happy quilt. I am determined to get it done!!
Mr Wazoo split his time between quilting and yard work because the weather was so darn perfect! He got a good start on my customer commission, and vows to finish it today. Then, I'll be hand sewing the binding. A huge job.
The panto he is using is Flower Festival
My UFO group got its order s for March, and I have to get going on my number 7 project. I used EQ to come up with a plan, and cut the pieces before quitting for the day. Here's a teaser...

Print out of what the quilt will look like, without the panel blocks. (represented by the blank blocks)

The days are getting longer! I took this picture as I walked up to the house after quitting for the day at 6:00. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was dark when I took the same walk.

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