Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rainy day work

I finished the quilting on the custom order yesterday, and it is so cute!! I hope my customer is happy with it, too.
Bright and cheerful. How could you not smile?

Loving the lemonade

Just a bit of whimsy...

Mr Wazoo took a day off from quilting and put new edging around the rock garden in the back. He was back in the studio today, doing this lovely log cabin quilt. The fabric for the back is wonderful.

I like this different setting

Panto: Rosie

This fabric with the flowers and birds didn't photograph as beautifully rich as it looks in person.
Meanwhile, it rained today...most of the day, and very hard. We haven't had a bonafide rainstorm in quite a while. I love thunder and lightening and pouring rain, but only if I can enjoy it from the inside of my house!! Driving in it is no fun. Tomorrow looks rainy, too, so it will be a studio day for both the Wazoo quilters. (Or all three, if you include the welcome committee...)

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