Friday, April 14, 2017

A beautiful day for quilting

A few sprinkles, but otherwise a beautiful day here in North Georgia. Mr wazoo started the day with a trip to get a truck full of mulch. While he was away, one customer came to get her quilt and we had a nice chat about the joy of scrap quilting. She says she has a lot of scraps, but they are mostly too small to do much with. So what does a fabriholic do? Give her a huge bag of scraps! Everyone benefitted from that exchange. I have way too many scraps and love sharing with other quilters.
One I started working, there was no stopping. I was in the quilting zone. The giant Hawaiian quilt is coming along nicely, and by 4:30, I was ready to turn it so I could do the other two big borders. I am using some digital patterns as well as free motion which gives me some 'away-from-the-machine' time to finally get my April UFO assembled! Yippee!!

Mr W loaded this classy quilt named Medici. The fleur-de-lis are upside down so the pattern comes out right side up!

Meanwhile, I chugged along on the sashing motifs

This is how far Mr W got before quitting to go water his new grass seed.

The customer has a book that goes with the blocks in her quilt. She wants the blocks quilted like the pictures in the book, so that's what I am doing.

Hey!! Lookie, cookie! The top is done.

I used my blue and white check again...I'm almost out. Boo-hoo.

The quilt has been turned and re-loaded and about half of the sashings are quilted.
Time to make supper!!
On the way up to the kitchen, I snapped a few more pictures in the front yard. Mr W is so talented...I think he will have grass going in the dirt under the dogwood before too long.

Finally fully blooming! A little tree, but very pretty!

The fruits of two year's labor for the man. Looking wonderful.

Sweet William is really sweet this year!

The lone bloom on our baby pink dogwood.
We planted it last year and think it will do better next year.

One of the flame azaleas is full of flowers. The other, not so much.

I love our mountain home.

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