Thursday, April 13, 2017

A fruitful day

Molly woke me up very early this morning, and it was useless trying to get back to sleep, so I got 6:30!! I never get up that early unless it involves a trip somewhere. Mr Wazoo is an early riser and is always up and at 'em by 6 a.m.. I am a night owl, going to bed and reading until my Kindle hits me in the face, usually around 1 a.m.. Molly gets me up at 7:30 every morning, and then the day starts. So with an extra hour to do something with, I started quilting. By 11:30 I had the custom quilt on the frame finished and photographed.

Here is the finished project. I love the fabric!

Border treatment

More borders! More quilting.

The center scene is so folksy!

a peek at the back.
Mr W was working on a vintage quilt. Our customer saved the quilt top from being thrown away by the a family member. She removed a badly sewn and horribly stained border, added a new border and we quilted it for her, using the Baptist fan pantograph. Perfect!

The customer is calling this quilt 'Aunt Fanny' because of the fan blocks.

Her relative worked in a textile mill, and many of the fabrics came from that mill.

Even the backing is vintage! She had just enough for the top she rescued.
I told her how happy I was that we could bring an otherwise discarded quilt
back to a useful life.
In the afternoon, both Mr Wazoo and I loaded our second quilts of the day and pressed on with the quilting. I have another giant (96 x 111) custom quilt, and he had a lovely maple leaf quilt, all made from batiks. It took the same amount of time to do the stitch in the ditch on mine as it did for him to completely finish the leaf quilt! Oh well, I did get the echo quilting on the Hawaiian blocks done, and one cornerstone block.

Colorful batik scrappy leaves

I don't know if this started with a jelly roll, but the colors are sure nice.

Instead of backing and batting, the customer had us quilt the top to soft flannel.
We have done this for her before, making a lightweight blanket for reclining in the AC while watching TV. Great idea! Panto: Brocade

This is the hibiscus I will stitch in all the cornerstones of the Hawaiian quilt.
I like it!

I think the blocks are 16 inches or so. I had to be continually rolling the quilt up and back to do the
echo quilting without the carriage hitting the rollers. Tedious, but it came out just like she asked for.

Miss Molly was ready to go up and have some kibble, so I hung up the apron and quit for the day.
6 PM and time for some down time. I think its going to be an early night...I'm pooped already!

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