Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another finish!

I finished quilting the custom quilt I have been working on this week.I must say, it looks wonderful! The fabrics and pattern seemed Egyptian to me, so no feathery frou-frou on this quilt. Very geometric quilting.

Here it is!

I wish the metallics showed up better.

These blocks are in the corners

The metallic thread should add some sparkle under the right lighting.

A peek at the back
After work, I tried taking a picture of the red roses with my phone instead of the camera. Maybe its me...they still look pink in pictures! I swear to you, they are velvety red. Oh well, I tried. The yellow ones turn white after they bloom. Cool! 

This is some kind of ground cover in the rock garden. Don't know what it is, but I really like it! Thanks, Mr Wazoo!

It has been pouring rain since 9:00 tonight, so I think I will post this and turn in. I always sleep well when it is raining. The windows are opened a bit, and the cool breeze is wonderful. I am at the place in my latest book where the sleuth is going to reveal the killer. I think its the museum curate...

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