Monday, April 17, 2017

Another quiet day

Not a lot of conversation in the studio today, just loads of work. Mr Wazoo did three small table runners before heading outside, and I spent the entire day (almost...) on this storm at sea quilt. The customer wanted the two heart shapes in the piecing to stand out in the quilting. It was a light custom job, so there was no stitch in the ditch and oodles of swirly background quilting. I did the entire job free motion. It is easier for me and requires less planning and time. Very freeing!

Three table runners, all with different pantos.

Storm at sea quilt. The quilting doesn't show up well on the fabrics. I used gold thread for the borders and background. Fuchsia / purple variegated for the two heart shapes.

Thankfully, she put a safety pin in the center of the hearts so I could identify them!
Here is the brown one...

this is the purple one.

Doesn't show much on the back, either.

Squint, and you may be able to make out the quilting.
Yesterday, when the camera battery died, I didn't get to take a photo of the quilt blocks I made. I put them on the design wall before leaving the studio for the night.

Boxed square pattern from Mary Quilts.
Its a free pattern I have made several times.
After I finished the big customer quilt, I sewed the blocks together into the quilt top. If I have any time tomorrow, I'll add the two planned borders. The fabrics are from  jelly roll of fabrics with honey bee related prints. I plan to finish the quilt and gift it to a friend who always gives me a jar of honey from their farm in Michigan when she picks up her quilts. She is a quilting customer and all around nice lady.

All sewn together!
I moved some of the blocks around for better color balance.

Miss Molly said it was time to go upstairs and have her supper!
Who can turn down a face like that?!

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