Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter in the studio

 We got up this morning and had our own sunrise Easter reflection on the front porch. The sunrise was beautiful, it was cool and birds were singing in the woods. What a glorious day.
After a weekend brunch, I went to work in the studio and Mr Wazoo had his day off doing yard work.
First, I finished the Medici quilt he had on his machine and got it trimmed and ready to ship. I finished the Hawaiian quilt and it is also ready to go home. Then, I cleaned up the studio and had some 'me' time!

This one was a challenge I am glad to have conquered

It is always a bit disheartening to do oodles of quilting on busy can't see it!

All the blocks are quilted like the pictures in the customer's book.

The backing is another great Hawaiian print.

All the cornerstones have this hibiscus flower.

Here is the Medici quilt right side up!


Pnto: Feathers and flowers
Once the work was finished, it was time for fun. I quilted and applied binding to my hummingbird quilt so the handwork can be done in front of the TV later. As long as I was in binding mode, I put the bindings on the two charity quilts Mr W did during the week. These had machine finishing for more durability.

All quilted!

A new panto...can't remember the name, but it was a freebie! I like that.

The design has echoed hearts both up and down.

I had this backing fabric in the stash. Funky!

There wasn't enough of any of the fabrics in the quilt for the binding, so I chose this white and blue dot fabric. Looks good!
With every picture, I got the 'change battery' warning. Drat! Here are the afternoon pics before the total shutdown.

Working on binding

I got a new quilt cut out, and even have the blocks half done!

Everything folded and ready to go!
Lily of the valley. A gift from Mr W, who knows they remind me of my Wisconsin home.
The iris has started blooming, too!
Another beautiful lilac is showing off.
It was getting a bit too dark for pictures, but this ground cover was especially nice.
Another new lilac and five little something-or-another plants.
You can tell gardening is not my hobby!
Molly is itching to get her kibble and the camera battery is nearly dead.
Must be time for Easter rib dinner!!

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