Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fun day quilting and chatting with customers

It sure was a jam-packed day here at Wazoo. Mr Wazoo had some errands to run and spent most of the day on the road here and there, dropping off and picking up...a general 'gofer' of a guy. Meanwhile, I spent the day trying to finish the custom job on my frame. It has been slow going, but is turning out quite nice!

I'm down to the borders

I especially like this pattern
I had three fun visitors come to the studio, too. First, a quilter from south of Cleveland came and picked up the beautiful custom quilt from last week. I found out the pattern is called Joseph's Coat. She and I talked about quilts and fabric, and just had a grand time. She had photos of her studio on her phone that would make any quilter drool. I wish she lived closer!
In the afternoon, two ladies from guild dropped off a couple of quilt tops to be done, and we also had a nice chat. Quilters are such nice people, and I love visiting with them. It makes my job even better.

Mr Wazoo finished this class project, done for our guild's 'Quilt Camp project with the area schools. Students drew and colored the blocks, and our members helped them sew the blocks into this quilt. It will be hung at their school! Too cool!!

This quilt is truly special!

Panto: Popcorn

A peek at the back
My custom project will be finished tomorrow, and Mr W will finish the vintage quilt on his frame. The weather is lovely, and we are both sleeping like innocents, with the windows open and the breeze wafting in. Life is so good!


  1. Two beautiful quilts. How special for the students to have their artwork displayed in the Quilt Camp project quilt!


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