Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home again

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We got back to Georgia last evening after a stop in Chattanooga to look at my new machine a bit closer and without a crowd trying to get to it at the same time. Yes, I bought a new machine at Paducah, and will have it in a couple of weeks. Bernina had a deal where if you bought the 770QE at the show, they threw in a 330. Okay...I know you're saying, "yeah, paid for the 330 anyway." This really isn't true in a retail world, but with the mark-up from wholesale, I guess it would be true. The show price was way less than their regular retail, but when I pay the Georgia tax on it, I lose half the discount! Well, its a done deal, and I'm watching You-tube videos and dreaming of the day the machine is back in stock and comes home with me. Mr Wazoo is excited for me, which makes the buy even sweeter.

The Mother lode, 770QE 

The basic 330 machine, perfect for transport to class.
On the last day in Paducah, we did the journey to quilting Mecca, Hancock's of Paducah, and I was very good, spending less than $200 in the store. You had to really look at the prices on the bolts to find the bargains, but I got what I wanted and was pleased at how quickly I got the fabric cut and checked out. I missed the chaos of the flat fold sale, but had a good time there anyway.

Just looking out over the mass of fabric makes my heart go pitty-pat.

Three employees on each cutting table! Yikes!
My pile is just starting on the left...the two red fabrics.
Now, I need to get to work and start earning some money to pay for the machine as well as the stuff I bought at the vendors.
 It was a great trip. I would encourage everyone to check out Air B&B if you want to avoid the hassle of looking for hotel rooms. We rented a small house (two bedrooms) across the street from the show venue, and two blocks from the Dome! For less $ per night than a hotel, we had a place to sit and chat in the evening, prepare our own breakfast and lunch, and sleep in the quiet environment a house provides. We already booked it for next year! Well worth looking on line for.
I'll get the slideshow put together and get it on here soon. No photos of all the quilts, but more of a highlight reel. 
Back to quilting!

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