Thursday, April 27, 2017

Loving Paducah

We have been to all parts of the show, as well as the Rotary antique quilt show and the quilt museum. We did go past all of the vendors, and spent some money in a few, but sill have more to see and a visit to Hancocks of Paducah I even ran into a part of the Punta Gorda contingency at the Dome! There isn't a place I'd rather be than here at the AQS show.

All teeny tiny squares...

made this stunning quilt!

I l-o-v-e Shirley Gisi's qults!

Shirley Gisi, again.

All the pattern in this is pieced!!

Miniatures under glass are impossible to photograph

Best of Show winner, Janet Stone, with her quilt

a look at the back of Janet's quilt.

Fabric lust

Imagine making this without ruler, rotary cutter or even electric light to sew by!

Antique quilts for sale

Some Georgia girls with some Florida girls!
Our last hurrah is tomorrow. Then, I'll make a slideshow of all the photos I took. There are loads of them! Off to bed and dreams of quilting.

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