Friday, April 21, 2017

Much finish

I worked a looooong day and I am still not finished with the custom job on the frame. My eyes are a bit goofy from all the close work, too, so I had to stop at 6 and focus on something a bit farther away; the yard!
Some of the tedious, but pretty, filler.

The quilting is slow going because of the metallic thread.
Mr Wazoo quilted for a short time (just long enough to do this baby quilt) then took off for Home Depot for garden supplies. When he does that, its all over but the shoutin' as far as quilting is concerned. The siren song of dirt, grass and mulch is strong!
When I quit for the day, I toured the yard and gardens, taking a few pictures and enjoying the warm breeze and scent of the roses.

Mr W quilted this little bear before heading outside.

Panto: Popcorn

The man gave Molly a bath, and then she did what we affectionally call 'dog rug'.

Right outside the studio

The hillside garden

The roses have just exploded with blooms!
They smell heavenly.

Aren't these lovely?

These look pink in all the pictures, but they are red!
I don't know why the camera sees them as pink...

Looking toward the road

The iris is going crazy, too. Lots more buds still to open!

The mountain view from the garden

The grass in the back yard is much plusher and green. The soil back here has been augmented by the gardener! The rock garden takes care of itself. Most of the plants wake up a bit later than the side garden.

Mr W putting away the tractor for the night. He's a happy man.
My friend Georgia has a beautiful dog. She is always trying to get a nice photo of him, but he doesn't like to look at the camera. I thought I would take Molly's picture today, and she does the same thing! Every time I point the camera at her, she looks away, or shakes her head, or sticks out her tongue! I gave up after several weird shots. I'll get one when she least expects it!


click...nope the tongue is out

click...she pulled her head back at the last second!

click...she heard Mr W down by the shed

click...a bit blurry, but I got it!!

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