Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Starting line, finishing line and some maintenance

Another wonderfully warm and breezy day here in Georgia! Mr Wazoo spent the entire day performing maintenance on his machine after many thread breaks. It kept him busy, and was good for the machine! Win-win situation.

Maintenance in progress

After tuning up his machine, Mr W got busy on this quilt.
I prepared the next custom quilt, ironing the backing and loading it on my table. The stitch in the ditch took most of the day, and I started the quilting at 5 PM. I was so excited to get going on the quilting, I accidentally quilted several squares that I didn't intend to. Oops!! I picked the stitching out, then quit for the day.

Ready for the quilting.

At 6:00, I sewed the two borders to the bee quilt, and I think it is very sophisticated looking! Makes me happy.
Boxed squares

Here are the two border fabrics.
We had another rainstorm last night, and the roses loved it!! I couldn't believe how quickly they budded and bloomed!! The iris and peonies are not far behind. I love Mr Wazoo's gardens. There is always a surprise there.

The red and yellow roses are blooming like crazy!

More iris coming, too.

Mr W is putting on the peony hoops. This year's crop of buds is impressive!
A few leftovers for supper, some Netflix, and off to bed! Until tomorrow...

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