Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another day in the books

I started bright and early to get a jump on the custom quilting. I trimmed the quilt from yesterday and took its picture. Nice!

One block wonder. Great fabric used to get so many different blocks!

The inner borders

The outer border, made from the fabric used to make the blocks.

A peek at the back

By the end of the day, I had the center and one border done! A long day without a lunch the zone, you could say. I should finish the quilt tomorrow. It is a beautiful pineapple quilt with over 200 fabrics used in the making. This customer makes gorgeous quilts. Her stash must be epic!

Almost done.
I quit around five and started working on a project I started yesterday. Mr Wazoo had a tee shirt thirty five years ago with a cartoon of some rats running a race. I loved that shirt, and wrote to the company who made the shirt for permission to make the cartoon into a quilt someday. I never got around to it until now, and I plan to finish it for the quilt show's new category, "Whimsical". I have three rats made, and two to go! The background will be quilted with the scenery.

The Rat Race, in progress.

Mr Wazoo was equally busy today, moving to the big machine, and grumbling about it the entire time. He had a bad night, you see. Miss Molly didn't like having the cone put back on and nipped him in the finger! She has never even growled at him before, so it surprised both of them. She trembled for an hour afterward, and he moaned and groused until he went to sleep. I hope she gets over the sore foot quickly. Too much drama. Anyhoo, here is the fruit of his labor.

Quilt, all finished after being moved to the bigger machine

Panto: Trellis Vine

Mr Wazoo worked until 6:30, ate some supper and went to bed. I hope tomorrow will be a better day!

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