Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crisis averted!

I was happily sewing along when the machine suddenly groaned and ground to a halt. Oh dear!! When I looked at the thread path, I saw that the invisible thread on the top spool pin had gotten tangled with the gray thread coming from the upright pin and they were now both wound all around the inner workings of my machine!! Yikes! I immediately summoned Mr Wazoo, and he spent the afternoon (on Mother's Day!) taking the machine apart and getting the wad of thread extracted from the tension take-up arm and its parts deep inside the machine. I kept sewing , using my old Bernina, and worried that my Pfaff would need further surgery at the machine repair shop. Nope! Mr W got it running, and all was well. Gotta love that man!
Yesterday, I was sewing on my tee shirt project, and the iron decided to empty its load of brown water onto a white backing Mr W was ironing. Stop the presses! I washed the affected area with Oxy Clean and managed to get the brown out, but had to run off to Walmart for a new iron. I hope things go better today!
By the end of the day, I had the tee shirt top done and the backing ewn and loaded, ready for quilting today.

Tee shirt quilt, ready for quilting
Mr Wazoo spent part of the day in the studio, quilting this nice customer project, before going outside with his carpenter friend to begin work on the new back steps.

It's hard to see, but this is dark purple and white, with vines of green .

Dusty purple back. Panto: Trellis vine

Today, I have a board meeting, but will be quilting all afternoon. It's hot and sunny, beautiful Spring weather. Should be a good day...fingers crossed!

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