Sunday, May 7, 2017

Deja vu?

If this looks familiar, it is because it is. Here's the scoop; You remember the tee shirt quilt I made for a Christian school live auction a while ago? It turns out, the auction was a tremendous success, with the quilt bringing in more than one thousand dollars. The quilt sparked a bidding war between two people, and went up, up, up. One of the bidders finally cried uncle and dropped out. After the auction, the woman who commissioned the quilt asked the losing bidder if they seriously wanted the quilt. Yes in deed, they really did. She made them an offer; a quilt like the auction one for the last bid they made. The person quickly agreed, and I got a call from the woman to make another quilt.
I sure didn't have enough of the original fabrics to do the job, but she said it was okay for it to be a bit different, if it was the same size and design. Off to the fabric shop for appropriate fabrics, then back to the studio and work.

This is a photo of the original quilt, taken during the auction.
That's the auctioneer in the picture! Cool.
A work in progress...
It took the entire day to get this far.
The blocks are made and the shirts prepped and cut.
I had to change the two green blocks because the shirts were too small to cut the correct size block from. I used the backs of two blue shirts and will sew the green circles onto them.
Mr Wazoo worked on what he described as, "The most perfect quilt I've ever done!" He said the quilt, a Bonnie Hunter mystery project with hundreds of pieces, was flat, square, and perfectly made. Kudos to the quiltmaker for making his day!

Stunning and perfect!

Panto: Splat
Its not hard to work inside when the weather is nasty. We had another day of 40 degree, rainy, windy weather. This put the kibosh on going to the farmer's market, but the cloudy wetness made the landscape colors more saturated and beautiful. Trees really look good in the rain...

I hope to get the tee shirt quilt finished today, so I can move on to the next custom quilt. Call it a palette cleanse...taking a break from quilting to do some sewing!

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