Friday, May 26, 2017

Mea Culpa! Too busy to post...

It has been a whirlwind of activity here at Wazoo, and I barely have time to catch my breath! Mr Wazoo has had to be in the studio quilting, because he has been absolutely slammed with work. There are 18 pantograph quilts waiting for our attention, as well as two commissions and five custom jobs. Yikes! One lady brought eight quilts at once....yes, eight quilts! We'll be busy for a while. Our daughter comes back from her Wisconsin birthday trip on Tuesday, and she and Mr Wazoo leave for Oregon on Thursday to move her back to NC. Confused? We are usually confused, but just go with the flow.
Here are the quilts the man has finished so far.

These modern fabrics make this baby quilt sophisticated

Panto: Popcorn

Here's another modern fabric quilt

Panto: Daisy swirl

This is the second labyrinth quilt we have quilted. The colors really enhance the 3-D effect.

Panto: Basket weave

Another Farm Wife quilt.
Such happy fabrics and patterns.

Panto: Flower festival

The local quilt shop had a class for this stunner.
We have another one waiting in the queue.

Panto: Mexican tiles
The work on the back porch/deck is finished, and all that needs to be done is the staining. The builder says we should wait a few months for the wood to dry, since it is treated lumber. I hope Mr Wazoo can squeeze in the time to get the walkway put back together...

Nice big steps, and a railing I can get my hand around!

Meanwhile, poor Molly got bitten by a spider on her foot and had to have attention from a vet. A few hundred later, and the dreaded 'cone-of-silence', she is sitting in misery on her favorite pillow. Three different drugs, too.

The man getting Molly ready for her vet visit.
On the kitchen counter!'s a man thing.

Dog in a conehead.

No frolicking tonight.

As if Molly isn't enough, we have Maxine the cat to look after for our daughter. She hides under the bed, mostly, but comes out at night and bangs on our bedroom door, then runs away. What a prankster. We don't do cats, so I am baffled with her routine. Eat, poo, sleep, skulk around, sleep more.

The elusive Maxine, after a banging on bedroom door session.

A quick look, and she's off.
Great news from the quilt show front! We submitted our raffle quilt into the guild contest from WRBQ Quilt Shop Navigator when we sent in our ad. We won!! Our ad was upgraded to a free full page ad, the raffle quilt (that I made and quilted) is on the cover, and there is a full page write up about the guild on the first page. Wow!

Here's the cover. The book is in quilt shops throughout
the southern tier of states.

The first page features the entire quilt and a nice write-up about the guild.

My co-chair, Kay, is a graphic designer and made our ad.
Classy, isn't it?

I have been working on custom quilting a One Block Wonder for a customer, and just finished it . I don't have a photo yet. I'll get it in tomorrow.

After hours, I have been making blocks for a Storm at Sea quilt. It is a project I thought I would never take on, only because of the size of the blocks...

All the blocks done

My first miniature!
Not the smallest of miniatures, but good for me.

With the border.
I have it all basted and ready to be quilted.
I plan to use my domestic machine for this quilt.
Tomorrow, I start a new custom project and see if it goes along without a hitch. The last thing that happened today was the total breakdown of the Gammill Premier while Mr W was quilting. He did the troubleshooting and discovered the bearing behind the flywheel came unglued and was hitting the nut on the shaft with every turn. What a clanking noise that made!! Quick call to Gammill to find out this is a problem that can only be fixed at the factory. Great. Mr W will drive the machine to Atlanta on Tuesday, where Gammill has a truck pick up repairs once a month and take them to the factory. Its a good thing we didn't sell it. We still have the Classic Plus, so he will be using that machine for the time being. 
Never a dull moment here at Wazoo Quilting!

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  1. Good GRIEF, that's tiny! You are amazing. I sure miss you and the rest of the gang. Working in a fabric store is helping, though, LOL!


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