Sunday, May 7, 2017


Just a quick note...I sewed all day and finished the top for the tee shirt quilt. Well done, Susan!!

Tomorrow, I'll take a quick trip to Murphy, NC to get the same backing as the other quilt. Quilt it, add the label and sleeve, binding and hand sewing. and it will be ready to go!

Watching our favorite PBS programs, I blanket stitched this wall hanging for my birthday daughter in Wisconsin. I have one for her twin sister in North Carolina to do next. I got the pattern from Primitive Gatherings shop while at the Paducah show. I bought enough supplies to do one for each of the kids with their home state on it.

The last thing I did before going upstairs after work was check the peonies. There was a beautiful white one, just bloomed today! After all the wind and rain, I thought they would all be laid flat. Thanks to Mr Wazoo, the hoops held them in check.

Now, its time for bed! Until tomorrow, I'll dream of quilting.

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