Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Settling in and working hard

We have been quilting as much as possible since I got home from Kentucky, and I am so happy to be catching up on my custom projects. Mr Wazoo is using the small machine in the garage while doing routine maintenance and tune up on the big Gammill in the studio. I miss him buzzing away in the room with me, but I can still hear him next door.
It is getting to be graduation time, and the tee shirt quilts
are rolling in. I love the sashing on this customer quilt.

Our favorite tee shirt panto, Dazzle

Not a tee shirt quilt, but in the school colors for the
grad-to- be to take along to college. Look at those cool corners!

Hey, Dazzle looks good on this, too!
I had a couple of quilts that needed digital pantos I have on the computer, so they moved along well while I did some catch up paperwork. Today, I'll be back doing hand guided quilting. There are also two bins of new shirts for customer commission tee shirt quilts to be prepped. Off to the studio!

A proud Grandma made this for her ballerina granddaughter.

The digital design is feminine and elegant

So pretty!

This is a memory quilt that the customer made out of her Dad's ties.
I love the design she came up with.

I did a manly geometric digital panto on this one.

This quilt is a treasure to the customer and her family. It is the last quilt her mother made before passing away. Mama hand quilted most of the quilt, but didn't finish before passing, so the daughter brought it to me to machine finish. She wanted it finished by machine so they would know which part her mama did. Last night, I added dark green binding and did the hand sewing, and today, it is done and taking a spin in the washer to get the slightly musty smell out. The daughter is giving it to her father next week. Such a touching story, and a perfect gift.
The yard is exploding with blooms because of the perfect amount of rain and sun we've had lately. I wish you could smell the heady mix of scent on the breeze here. With the addition of the opening peonies, it is even more wonderful!

The first peony! So big, even with a hoop it drooped over.
Smells like Spring!

The side garden is filling in nicely. Soon, it will be a full on riot of color and texture.

The rock garden does its own thing without any help from Mr W. I love the different foliage colors and types. Oh yeah...the fragrant pink drift roses are great, too!

Things are growing in the front yard, and the garden is taking shape.

The Mountain Laurel is beginning to bloom. I'll get a closer picture today so you can see the delicate flowers.

The mountain was brown just a couple of weeks ago, and is now green and lush.


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