Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Warming up

It was a lovely, warm day, perfect for quilting and yard work.
We started early here at Wazoo, I had a quilt show meeting and Mr Wazoo finished yesterday's quilt and got it mailed off to the Florida customer. 

Giant BQ2, with a beautiful focal fabric

Panto: Flowers and feathers
After my meeting, I went to work quilting the tee shirt quilt for the Christian school. All done!! The sleeve and binding are made and applied, and tonight, I will do the hand sewing.

Quilting finished

Digital panto: Dazzle

I pieced and appliqued the back

Now, a few hours of hand sewing.
On the way up, I stopped to take some pictures of Mr W's latest project. He is building a ramp from the driveway to the front lawn so he can drive his tractor right over, rather than having to drive all the way around the house to get there. Maybe you have noticed by now...he is rarely idle, and is always thinking of what he can tinker with next. Hey, it keeps him off the street and out of trouble! 

Everything is prepped and ready for the cement footers tomorrow.

He dug twelve holes for the footers. A good day's work!
With the warm, sunny weather comes more blooming plants. Our clematis is bursting with blooms!

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