Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kind of an odd day

This morning, I drove to the fabric shop to get something for my 'Secret Sister' gift for the retreat next week. I had to drop off two quilts, so I chalked it up to a delivery for work! I also got the fabric for the applique border on my 1930s quilt. I thought it was finished, but decided it needed something...that happens all the time.
It just needs one more border...
with vines and flowers and birds.
Mr Wazoo finished the quilt from yesterday, and then loaded a giant quilt. This one involves both of us. He will do the pantograph, and I will quilt the borders. Tag team quilting! I love it.
The finished quilt for a customer from Boston.
Her Mom lives here and will bind it and send it for a birthday gift. Nice!!

Panto: Popcorn

A peek at the back

112 x 112 inches. This one will take a while...
Meanwhile, I finished quilt number eight for the eight quilt lady! Yippee!! She, her friend, and her husband (someone had to carry the quilts...) came this afternoon and claimed the bounty of quilts. She dropped off another quilt, and everyone was happy.
The last of the eight quilts, all from one customer!

Digital panto: Flower Power

The backing is a nice, soft print from Connecting Threads.

I'm working on a custom job now, and hope to finish it tomorrow.

My day was interrupted by a sudden urge to cut off my hair. I went to the closest salon, and they did the deed. It feels so much better now that Summer is here. I'm ready!!


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