Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spotlight on Mr Wazoo

My job this week has been frustrating and rather tedious. I am still working on the king sized custom quilt, which had a rather baggy backing. It has been a struggle to avoid pleats on the back while quilting the front!No pictures yet...
Mr Wazoo is the star today! He has had time to do quite a bit of quilting, and has done a wonderful job. (there may be an award at the end of the month!) The majority of the quilts we get are quite big, and therefore hard to maneuver on a domestic machine. Mr W pushes on and finishes them regularly.

This Star Wars quilt will make some young man happy.
Its a 'tag-team' quilt. He quilted it, I am doing the binding

A great starry panto

Darth Vader backing and binding, too.
Some are small, like this baby quilt, all pastel Grunge fabrics.
The repeated triangles are pretty and interesting.

Angel Wings panto adds the feminine touch.
Some of the quilts are big...

This sophisticated quilt will look stunning on the customer's bed.

The panto, Rosie, adds just the right elegance to it.

This huge quilt was made by a relatively new quilter! Wow!

He used the panto, Alfresco on this one, as the customer directed.
The last quilt he finished had a slight problem at the bottom. Accurate measuring when adding multiple borders is key to a flat and square cornered quilt.
Uh oh! Mr Wazoo cried uncle when he got to this point in the quilting.
You can see the big 'smile' made by making the light border too small for the body of the quilt.

Fortunately, I have done this fix before, and had no qualm about the quilt turning out well. Mr W followed my instructions and ...

Voila! A nicely finished, square and flat quilt.

The customer requested Rosie as the pattern for the quilting.
It looks so nice on this wonderful quilt.

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