Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This and that...

Not a lot happening around the Wazoo house, but we do plug along, quilting and doing laundry, all the most glamorous things. Like bees and flowers!

Mr Wazoo finished the quilt he was working on and quilted another one while I was off at a meeting.
This little gem is the customer's first quilt.
She is an octogenerian with pluck!

Santa got the panto: Holly Berries

She did a great job.

Kaffe Fassett next on the rack

Aren't the colors yummy?

Its quilted with the panto: Splat, which complements the floral patterns.

Even the backing is Kaffe!
I'm not idle for long...I finished number seven for the eight quilt lady, and fixed the back of number eight!! I will be quilting that one tomorrow.

A really different dresden plate quilt.

I used a feathery panto.

The backing is pretty, too.
On Sunday, I squeezed in a charity quilt for the Heart to Heart group.

This is a great scrappy quilt.

My machine came with this meander panto. Works well on this type quilt.

It came out really soft.
Also on Sunday, I put together this little quilt top. It will have flower wreaths embroidered in the plain squares. I'll do that after I finish quilting it.

Looks like a nice lap quilt

For Barbie!! 
And since we're looking at minis, here is the storm at sea, all done.


  1. Your minis are unbelievable! I'm so impressed. Wish I could see them in person.

  2. They aren't so impressive in person! I have missed your blog entries. Post one or email what's new!


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