Sunday, July 30, 2017

Aaah...the weekend!

I switched Saturday work for Sunday play, and finished all the borders for my show quilt. Then, I backed the design squares with batting, and blanket stitched around all 20 of the little blocks in the body of the quilt. I haven't decided if I will trim away the batting, of just do small background fill to pat it down. We'll see. So now all the applique is done and the quilt is soaking in Synthrapol and hot water to dissolve the stabilizer and the glue. This is the first time I have used Sharon Schamber's method of applique, so I hope it turns out okay...fingers crossed!
The bottom border (laying on top of the quilt) before I stitched down the pieces.

Blanket stitch done around all the blocks.

It took all day to do all the sewing, so I only had a few minutes to devote to binding a comfort quilt for the day guild. Mr Wazoo did the quilting for me, and it looks really nice.

Ladies in the guild (including yours truly) made pink and white blocks used in comfort quilts for members fighting  breast cancer. 

Mr W chose the entwined hearts panto for the quilting.

Here's the back. The binding is in the same fabric. I applied it before quitting for the day, and did the hand sewing in the evening after supper. Its done and ready to give to a deserving member.

 I never showed you the repair I will be working on for a long time.This quilt is made of all polyester double knits. It must weigh twenty pounds! One of the fabrics has completely fallen apart. 92 squares, to be exact. I am replacing them with woven fabrics per customer request.
Its a trip around the world quilt, and some of the 'roads' are full of potholes!

Like this one.

Here are a few of the replacements I have sewn in so far.

This is the whole magilla. Ooh la la! Its a big one.

Today, I went back to customer work, by planning and sewing the blocks from clothing that I made last week. I have to make three quilts for the family, each one has a special shirt in it. The first one has two smaller squares that are dear to the customer, the other two have quite large focal point shirts.
Here are the blocks on the design wall for the first quilt.

Here it is, all sewn up and the borders on.

The black and red squares are the focal ones.

I used the button plackets and labels on the body of the quilt, and the pockets and his jeans in the borders.

The second quilt is now arranged on the design wall, with the car block being the focal point.
Tomorrow, I hope to have the second one sewn. Then I'll be in the home stretch!
And maybe I'll have a minute or two to plan the quilting for my rat quilt. We'll see what happens!


  1. OOOHHH! The little block with 4 hearts in the Comfort Quilt were from some that I did! I had forgotten about those!

  2. Glad to hear it! I love helping with these.


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