Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Calm day with no surprises

Both of us worked quietly all day in the studio. Mr Wazoo quilted two nice customer projects, and I worked along on a show quilt for another customer. Nothing went awry...the machines hummed along without a hiccup, and the day passed quickly, and I felt that sense of accomplishment that comes from time well spent.

This is a great pattern for a bright jelly roll, isn't it?

Panto: Daisy Swirl

I love the happy texture this pattern makes.

Here is another happy quilt. (I see a theme emerging...)

The panto is another cheerful floral, Flower Festival.

And yet, another wonderful texture!
I spent the day with this quietly elegant quilt. The stitch in the ditch is done, and so are the Dresden Plates! Tomorrow, I will do the background fill, and maybe the borders. That may be ambitious, but I'm going to try!

The pieced plates are almost 15 inches wide! The picture doesn't show the colors as rich as they are. Its a beautiful quilt.
After doing the last of the plates, I did a bit of work on my show quilt. At the rate I'm going on this, it will be finished ten minutes before it is to be turned in!!

Today, I attached all the applique bits to the top border. Maybe I'll get the cornerstones done tomorrow after work.

One more border and four cornerstones to go...
A nice dinner, a glass of wine and some handwork, then its off to bed. I have had a really good day!!

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