Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dead tablet update

We traveled three hours to the heart of Atlanta to get the Surface Pro evaluated. She was dead on arrival. The guy at the Microsoft store tried his best to get the thing running, but he was as stymied as I was with the stubborn black screen phenomenon plaguing my poor tablet. Because it was only nine months old, he gave us a new tablet at no charge.
On the way home, we stopped at the batting wholesaler and picked up two rolls, five king and two black queen sized batts. We saved a load of cash by not having it shipped. The car stuffed with batts, we headed over Blood mountain and the pretty ride home.
I called APQS to ask how to go about the change of tablet and my registered Quilt Path software, but had to leave a voice mail for the elusive support person. After some trial and error, I got the software to play nice with my laptop and the new tablet. Two and a half hours later, with no reply from APQS, I got it installed, up and running! I must be getting the hang of Microsoft computing, but will never admit it to your face! I'm a Mac girl through and through. We had the small boxy Mac with the blinking green cursor in 1987, before there was internet for peons. I remember signing in with a long sequence of numbers and letters to get into the system at the UW Hospital. I've come a long way, baby, and all without ever having a Microsoft product. Until now. I have an HP laptop and the tablet for the longarm, but only because they didn't make the software Mac compatible. Thankfully, I'm a quick study and have limped along with my limited computer savvy.
I'll be back in business on Monday, after manning the booth with the guild ladies at the Butternut Creek arts and crafts festival over the weekend.
See you all on the other side of the weekend! Here's a couple of vintage photos to tide you over. A blast from 2011, and a memorable Wazoo retreat in Sebring, Florida. Oh, how I miss these ladies...especially the ones who aren't with us anymore.

That's me...the goddess of quilt tops!
The girls got silly and covered me with the fruit of their labor at the retreat.

Truer friends you'll seldom find.
Thank you, ladies, for the memories.

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