Saturday, July 22, 2017

Finishing the week strong...and another computer failure

While Mr Wazoo was out visiting yesterday, I finished up a few quilts! And when he safely arrived at home, we had our barbeque and a nice, quiet evening.

This beautiful king sized quilt will be for sale in the boutique at our show in September. I hope someone gives it a good home!

The panto I chose is called Swan Song. Its a lovely feathered pattern.

Here is the backing.The quilt would make a wonderful wedding gift...

I downloaded a new panto for this baby quilt.

The pattern is called Animal Crackers, and features an elephant...

a giraffe...

and a cute lion!
I also worked on the custom quilt yesterday, and was able to finish it today! Hooray! The customer has been patiently waiting for her quilts, and Mr W will mail them off on Monday.

The customer requested swirling, watery looking quilting, like what it looks like when koi fish surface and swim.

I think I did pretty well!

I did smaller swirls around the fish, since she tells me there will be crystals to mimic the sparkle on the water. This gives her a good spot to add the bling!

Nice batik on the back.

Mr Wazoo did a small baby quilt today before going out to plant some new shrubs. The panel is really a cute one!

Cute, cuddly baby animals

The panto is Jungle Fever.
Look at that face! I love it.

The back is a companion print. Perfect!
I was working on a tee shirt quilt today, when the computer started doing the black screen thing. Crap!! I was sure it must be a bad connection with the quilting machine, because it would sometimes come back on if I jiggled the machine. (my Dad's favorite fix for everything is either give it a whack or jiggle it...) Well, I ended up calling my APQS help line, and they couldn't help. I looked up dealers and called one that said they do repairs and spoke with the nicest girl. She tried to help, but everything she suggested, I had already tried. I figured I would give the tablet a charge off the machine, and when it was all charged, gave it a try. Screen went the sewing machine!! Its the tablet, again! Mr Wazoo said to make an appointment and we will go back to the Microsoft store in Atlanta tomorrow. Oh joy. Another wasted day. Meanwhile, the tee shirt quilt will languish on the frame.
On a happier note, Mr W's Mom is doing well at 95, and they had a nice visit. She will be 96 in August. She is beginning to get her groove back after a nasty fall and recovery from a broken pelvis. 

My dear Mother in Law is the best. I used to have kindergarten in the classroom next to hers, and have known her longer than I have known my husband!
It rumbled and got dark this afternoon, but the rain couldn't find us here on the mountain, and we were glad to just have the lower temperature. The geraniums in the flower box  are a stunning pink, and I get a kick out of their brightness every time I go in the back door. I didn't touch up or change the photo at all. This is what color they are! 

At the end of the day, I powered through appliqueing the second border for my show quilt. Two more to go, and then I can assemble the entire quilt top and get the quilting started. It won't happen tomorrow...Atlanta, here we come...again!

Two down, two to go!


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