Friday, July 14, 2017

Hot, Sticky, Tired and Happy

No, those aren't four weird dwarfs, they are the words to describe how I feel today. Mr Wazoo, Kay and Henry, Connie and I all met at Meeks park here in Blairsville to set up our booth for the Butternut Creek Festival tomorrow and Sunday. The weather cooperated for the entire set up, but it is pouring rain now. Thank goodness we got done before the heavens opened! It was 90 degrees and rather humid, too. Tomorrow, I'll have a cooler with plenty of water! ( And an umbrella! 60 percent chance,,,)
Here is Meeks Park, looking at the area where the show will be. I took this picture in April when my daughter was visiting. I'll snap a photo tomorrow to show you the summer festival view!
I took this picture of the creek from a walking bridge that we can see from our booth.
In April, it was cool and wonderful. Today, it was hot and sticky.
I came home drained and so tired I had to take a snooze in my chair! 
On the happy front, one of my quilts sold at the Blue Ridge Art Center fiber arts show!! Imagine my surprise when a check for a considerable sum came in the mail! I never was truly happy with how this quilt turned out, but kept it for trunk shows. It is called 'Fancy Dress Party' and features appliqued tropical bird varieties on a pieced background. I guess someone liked it better than I do, and shelled out the money for it. The art center gets their commission, but I did well regardless.

Fancy Dress Party
The birds are appliqued together off the background, and then, applied to the quilt by machine. The leaves are appliqued directly to the background.

I wish I had taken better pictures of it.
The feathers are all individually made, appliqued together, and then the entire bird is sewn to the background. It takes a long time, but I think it looks great this way. Loads of detail is possible in each bird. The background is a jelly roll quilt pattern called Serendipity. I already had it in my pile of UFOs waiting to be quilted, so I used it for the background.
Well, it has been an interesting day, but I'm ready for a shower and some chow. Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition. I hope to have pictures to show you.


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