Thursday, July 13, 2017

One of the worst days ever

Today started okay. Then, I went to work. My 9 month new APQS machine has crapped out. The tablet is the brain of the machine, and it just plain quit. When I turn it on, I get the pretty welcome screen, and then it goes black. No matter what I do, screen goes black. I hate to rag on APQS, but the customer support is abysmal. I called customer support and the girl tells me the support person is teaching a class and is unavailable, but she will give her the message. What? This is not what the person does all day for the company?! Anyhoo, an hour or so later, I got the call and was told the tablet is not an APQS problem, and I should try charging it for two hours off the machine and plugged directly into a wall socket. I did this. Black screen persisted. Next call to APQS got voice mail. Again, a two hour wait and same customer support person tells me I need to take the tablet to my nearest Microsoft store, which is in Atlanta. So tomorrow, I am off to Atlanta to see the Surface Pro guru and see if the thing is salvageable.
Needless to say, very little work got done today. I took in a couple of quilts, and finished cutting the clothing pieces. No sewing or quilting.
So, enjoy this nice photo, and think of me (a die hard Mac geek) hob-nobbing with the PC geeks in Atlanta. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

There was some beauty in the world today

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