Monday, July 10, 2017

Slow progress

My right arm is so sore this morning!! Yesterday, I de-constructed the giant bin of clothes for the three memory quilts. I worked on taking them all apart for four hours, taking one rest break to machine applique some of the pieces to one border of my show quilt.
Deconstructed and ready to be cut into block pieces

The parts I can't use

First border ready to be sewn to the quilt!

Some of the bits...there will be buttons and yo-yos, too

The master plan, and the rest of the bits.
Mr Wazoo was in the garage (yes, we have spilled over into the garage with our quilting enterprise) quilting this batik beauty. He doesn't mind being out there by himself, but I noticed he had propped the door open between the studio and garage... 

This quilt will look spectacular on a bed!

Panto: Fantasia

The light Grunge fabric on the back really shows off the quilting.
Late in the afternoon, I started the process of cutting the clothes into squares and strips, and then sub-cut them into block pieces. I didn't get really far before it was 6:00 and time to quit. After a doctor appointment this morning (ugh...I am supposed to be on a diet, and I have gained weight...) I will be back at the cutting table, slogging through the humongous pile of clothing parts. Once I get the pieces cut, the project will move along quickly. It's the prep work that sucks! Oh well, it's a living!

It's a start...

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