Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to the studio!

I thought I would get the tee shirt quilt done yesterday after guild, but everything went wrong with the timeline, and I didn't get home until five o'clock! The birthday boy got his meatballs and noodles he requested, and we had cake and ice cream. The kids called to wish him well, and he got cards in the mail. It was a fine day for the Man!
I figured out how to get the pictures off the phone and into my computer, bu emailing them to myself and dragging them into my photo program. Here is the tee shirt quilt I will be finishing today, complete with it's Florida State colored sashing and borders. The shirts for this quilt had much smaller graphics on them, so I needed to fill in a bit with the sashing to make it the size the customer requested. I like it!

My favorite photobomber just made it into the picture...
I had to be frugal with the Florida State fabric because I had used what I had on the other quilt, as well. I sure didn't want to order more and wait a couple of days to finish the project! This is all I had left when I finished the top!
Trimmings too small for the crap bins!

Just to show you the eclipse effect, I have the photos back, and here they are. Not very good photos, but you get the idea.



2:37, Look at the blue sky opposite the eclipse!
There was a glow of sunset all around, right at the horizon, too.
Well, its time to go to work. I'll close today with the cutest dog in the world, being herself last night.

Miss Molly relaxing with her 'flea' toy

Keeping a lookout for renegade squirrels.

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