Sunday, August 6, 2017

Done with part one!!

Yesterday, I worked on my show quilt, stitching every ditch and going around all the applique. When I got to the bottom of the quilt, I noticed the side borders needed another flower and leaf. Sigh...I made a couple of flowers and some leaves and hand appliqued them on while the quilt was still on the frame. It required some acrobatics, but came out okay. Those big spaces would have driven me nuts, otherwise.

The new bits, made and placed

This is the other border.
All this was happening while I finished up the borders on the computer-quilted project. I also finished that quilt, and it is already home with the quilter, and getting binding before becoming a birthday gift for a daughter in Michigan!

This is a beautiful quilt! I love the pattern.

The borders are hand guided custom

The center pieced portion was done with digital panto: Greenery

A peek at the Grunge fabric on the back
After finishing and trimming the big customer quilt, I went back to my ditch stitching, and got it done right at quitting time.

The quilting starts today!!
Mr Wazoo spent the day in the yard, planting shrubs and moving gravel around. I'll be sure to get a couple of photos of his progress to post later today. Now, it's time to make our big Sunday breakfast and get going with the day.


  1. I love that you added those flowers. I really like that quilt.

  2. Its coming along well with the quilting, too. Just a bit of picking out so far...good for me!


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