Sunday, August 6, 2017

I'm tired!!

Well, I put in a really long day without a break, but didn't finish the quilting. I have given myself three days, and will be going into number four tomorrow. I have to get this quilt done and get back to work!! Lots of progress, however, and I figure I am about two thirds done. Oh goody!!
I have to turn the overhead lights off to get a picture to come out.

Just a little sample...
Mr Wazoo used the glorious day to get some more yard work done. He has done a wonderful job dressing the side of the driveway. Really swanky!

Our new shrubs and gravel edging.

Farmer Tim. He has probably moved a ton of rock and gravel since he started messing with the yard. I'm glad I got him the tractor! Here, he is unloading a truck load of gravel.

With his tractor ramp all stained and the side of the driveway all dressed up, we are the envy of the neighborhood. Well, maybe just the bears...
Now that summer is waning, he finally planted the big blue pots, too. They look really nice!


Finally, something for customers to enjoy before they walk in.
Well, I have my feet up and a beverage to sip...tomorrow will be the push to the finish on the show quilt. Until's what we see when we quit for the day and go up to the living part of the house.

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