Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Long day...still not done

Sometimes, its hard to keep at it when my feet are screaming and my wrists are sore, but I did work on the show quilt until 6 before quitting. I am almost done. I forced myself to press on and complete all four inner borders before turning off the lights, but that was tough. There was about an hour of picking earlier in the day when I accidentally put the wrong motif in a square where it didn't belong. Rats!! But I picked it all out and re-did the square. The only way to get a picture that shows the quilting, is to turn the overhead lights off, so here it is.

The quilt main body is finished, and the three part border is, too!

The blue outer border with the applique is all that remains to be quilted.
It rained all day, and Mr Wazoo stayed busy quilting this lap quilt for a customer.

A nice sampler in interesting colors

The toile backing

Panto: Brocade
I am sincerely hoping the quilt will be off the frame today!! It is rainy again today, so at least I won't be tempted to go outside...we'll see what happens.


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