Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Messy studio tour

I realized today that I haven't up dated my studio tour since acquiring the APQS Millie. Mr Wazoo has moved to his 'man cave' in the garage, and I have the main studio for the Millie and the Gammill Classic Plus. It all works for us, and we are happy with the set-up even though I can't keep an eye on my employee while he is at work! ha ha!!
Anyhoo, had a fruitful day, learned some new tricks on the APQS and maybe, just maybe, I am making friends with it.
I did manage to get this quilt done today. Thank you Angela!

The big picture. Taken from the back of the room.
Millie on the left, Gammill on the right.

The "office".

The thread. The shelves roll out.

The snack and beverage area.
Basket of customer Tees waiting to be made into a quilt...
my Rat quilt waiting for quilting is on top of the small cabinet.

The sewing area.

The big stash

The little stash and the design area

The reading and hand work area

My homemade hanging thingie

More hanging stuff...

I love hanging stuff!

The big Gammill with the quality control officer in attendance.

Mr W's studio and Gammill Premier Plus.
Here is the Jen Kingwell Long Time Gone quilt by one of my customers. I was going to custome quilt it, but looking at others on line, I knew an old fashioned pattern with a modern slant was the way to go.

The fabrics are quaint reproductions

The customer fussy cut many of the tiny squares throughout the quilt. 

A peek at the back

Digital panto: Funky Fans
Six o'clock and time to quit for the day. More handwork awaits upstairs, so I am glad Mr W is cooking tonight!! Winner, winner, a nice steak dinner!

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