Thursday, August 3, 2017

Moving forward!

I finished quilting the third clothing quilt and just sewed the last stitches in the binding!! You know what that means...I am done!

This one is my favorite.

The Yodel panto is perfect for these quilts.

The same backing on all three

Binding on and finished!!

Mr Wazoo quilted today, too, finishing this bright quilt.

He likes to quilt on the smaller machine in the garage. Pretty quilt!

Super bright colors

The backing and panto: Tickle
And then, this happened...

I got the borders on my show quilt, made the backing and loaded it on the Gammill.

Yup! That's me!
I have given myself permission to put my own quilt before the ones I just got from other procrastinators. Tomorrow, I hope to have the stitch in the ditch done, and over the weekend, get the quilting finished. It has been weighing on my mind, and I need to do this. I had better get to bed...tomorrow will be a long day.

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