Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Working and fixing

I have two of the clothing quilts done, and just need to bind the second one. While I was quilting, my hopping foot went into a buttonhole of one of the shirt strips and created havoc on the quilt. Extricating it after it sewed itself into the quilt was a challenge, but I finally got it out. Unfortunately, it also made a rip in the backing, too. I finished the quilting (of course, this happened on the last row of the quilting) and once off the machine, made a patch and fixed the rip in the backing. Then, I put it back on and re-quilted the area where the patch is. When these unexpected things happen its always a bummer, but with a bit of extra TLC, the quilt can be fixed.

The patch
I also had the finished first quilt, so took the pics for you. All three quilts will have the same fabric on the back, and the same binding fabric.

And, yes!, I do still love my job.


  1. Its comforting to read how you matter-of-factly fix a problem that would completely devastate me to the point that I would not be able to finish the quilt.

    1. has to be done, and I can't turn back time and not make the mistake, so why fret over it? All fixed and ready for a new home! I really do like fixing quilts anyway...


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