Friday, September 8, 2017

Busy, busy!

I thought I had a good plan yesterday, but all good plans beg for a glitch. I started a big quilting project and it took longer than expected to get it programmed in and quilting. Each row took way longer than I thought it would to quilt, so I fell behind on my schedule quickly. Then, I had to pick out a big portion of a row because I forgot to put the clamps on and got a tuck...rats! I made a speed trip to the quilt shop to meet a customer with a repair, and also got a baby quilt from her that she needed done ASAP. I figured I could get it quilted and the binding done by the next day, and told her so. Oh dear. Now, I am working against the clock to get it quilted and bound before the quilt shop closes today, so she can pick it up. I measured the project last night before quitting at 10:30, and the backing is too small. I gave up and went to bed, figuring I would deal with it today.
So, I had better get to it! Stay tuned for the update...

This s the kind of thing longarm quilters hate to see. The backing has a big chunk out of it! I had to cut off almost 4 inches of the length to get it straight!

I finished these two throw pillows for the boutique

They have envelope backs

My placemats are ready for my binding demonstration at the show. Birds on the front, feathers on the back...or is it the other way around?

24 bandana bibs

Molly just had to photobomb the second picture.

The giant quilt in progress. I thought I would never finish it!

But I did!

Panto: Feathered Hearts

The backing was big enough to compensate for having 4 inches cut off. Whew!
I have a full day ahead, so I better get to it! Bye for now.

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