Saturday, October 7, 2017

A lot to be done...a lot done!!

We have been very busy here at Wazoo, and it has paid off in finished quilts! Mr Wazoo has sacrificed a couple of lovely days in the yard for time in the garage studio. He made good use of the time.

Pretty Autumn table runner

The batiks are saturated and beautiful

Panto: Forest Floor

This quilt is the customer's first! She went to our quilt show and was inspired to start. Our repeat customer (her sister) was the teacher. Good job!

Panto: Daisy Swirl

My friend,MaryAnn made this space ship quilt

The rocket fabric is called 'Blast Off', and so is the panto!!

There are some people actually on the ball enough to be getting their Christmas projects finished! Like this festive quilt.

It has a jolly assortment of holiday fabrics
Panto: Snazzy Snowflakes

While he worked on pantographs, I was in the studio doing some custom
 on the big dresden plate quilt. It may have taken three days, but I think it was worth the effort! The customer was so pleased. She said she couldn't believe it was the same quilt. High praise indeed!

All done!

Nice backing, too!
Once the big Dresden was off the table, I set to work finishing the tablecloth to wall hanging project. I have to admit, it turned out to be an eye catching piece!

Ta da! Here it is

A peek at the back.
I am already working on the table runner I made out of the leftover pieces of the tablecloth. It will be a bonus freebie for the customer!

There were some other quilts in the works, as well. The machines were humming, and we were in the groove! Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Roman stripes with a modern twist!

The complimentary colors make the blocks vibrate.

The backing is this wonderful cobalt color.

Another modern looking quilt. So pretty in batiks.

Here's the back. 

Panto: African Samba

This doesn't look like much, but it is part of a set for a customer. This will be a pad on top of a cedar chest in the room where the whole cloth quilt I did a couple of weeks ago is already on the bed.

It has the same panto: Swan Song
Tomorrow, I plan to take a day for some 'Me' sewing. If I don't let some of the ideas out, my head will explode!

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