Sunday, November 19, 2017

More linen follies and some quilting, too.

Yesterday, I made another eight blocks for the customer linen and lace quilt. Eight seems to be the magic number of how many I can do in a day of sewing. Oh well, with 24 done, I only need another six to have the blocks done and start sewing the quilt top together. Yippee!
I made another of the lace on pink blocks.

This one combines a pillowcase and lace

Another pillow case and part of a table topper that has some holes and stains on the part I didn't use.

Pillow case and big, thick crocheted doily.

Pillow case, table topper and hanky.

Reeeeally thin hanky, and some lace.

Another beautifully embroidered hanky.
The pile is getting smaller...I think. One block didn't get its picture taken, but it will be in the finished quilt. Oops.
The Millie was chugging away while I worked, and I finished two customer quilts for the day.

A Christmas gift for a boy

I love the ethnic turtle  focus fabric! Panto: African Samba

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This wall hanging will be flying to San Antonio, to a son who just moved there.

Panto: Swirling Snowflakes

A peek at the back
During the day, Sears delivered the new freezer to the back porch! Its a little bigger than the old one and is frost free!! Yahoo! No more defrosting. We got a cabinet at Home Depot and the beer fridge is now at a height where I can reach the Dos Equis without standing on tip-toes. Just in time for Saturday night pizza.

I'm thrilled it has a light inside! Getting ice cream in the dark will be much easier...

The little freezer is going to the thrift shop on Monday. Somebody will give it a good home, I'm sure.

Beer fridge now lives on top of a cabinet. We'll have the drawers full before too long. We just can't help ourselves when it comes to keeping stuff...

His and hers beer

Lots of room and no more precarious piles of stuff in the freezer. Thanksgiving turkey in the drawer, too!!
Today, I hope to have the last blocks done for the linen quilt. I have a tee shirt quilt to make for a customer. It will be a Christmas gift, so I need to get going on it! Down to the studio I go.

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