Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Countdown to Christmas!!

Back from NC and in high gear to get the final tasks accomplished before Christmas. First, and most important, I am DONE shopping!! Yesterday, I wrapped the gifts while baking the first batch of Christmas cookies, and got them under the tree.

The last two quilts are bound, wrapped and under the tree.

The tree even looks good in the morning sunlight!

Oooo!! Presents for everyone.
We had one procrastinating customer bring a tee shirt quilt for her grandson, and we couldn't say no. I quilted it quickly and she'll have it in the mail today. I'll bet she was binding like crazy last night. Not me! I watched Holiday Inn for the umteeth time, and went to bed early. I will be baking all day today, so I needed my cookie-sleep!

I'm sure Grandma is happy to have this done!

Ha ha ha!! Me either!!

Panto: Dazzle, of course.
Have a jingle bell day, dear readers!

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