Saturday, January 21, 2017

A studio tour on an ordinary work day

We are in the rhythm of completing projects for customers, and really not keeping the place tidy...but that's when quilters should show you their studios! On an ordinary day...when things aren't put up and perfect. The quilts we are working on are beautiful, but they do come and go. The studio is the heart of our enterprise, and is always here for us. So let's take a look!

Here is my stash! I love this wall of the studio. I get a feeling of calm just looking at it.
Must be love...

My sewing area is not very tidy right now.
Poor old Pfaff foot pedal died this week and I have one on order. Miss Bernina is up and working,
so I never have a lapse in sewing ability.
Behind them is my less-than-half-yard storage unit from Ikea. The top is cluttered with ironing supplies, the music machine, rulers, design stuff (pencils and markers) as well as Mr Frog and a basket of sewing machine parts and small rulers. My ironing surface and design wall are at the left side of the photo. The folding ironing surface is for pressing while piecing. It is really handy for paper piecing.

These bins from Ikea are bursting with various widths of fabric strips.
Each is labeled by size. Handy for string quilts, trip quilts, log cabin quilts, or just scrappy rail fence quilts.

This is in the bathroom!
I store my trunk show quilts and utility quilts here.I fold them right side out to make it easier to find the one I'm looking for easily. We also store the vacuum cleaner, molly's bath supplies (the deep sink is in here) and some cleaning stuff.

Thread!! We have a lot of thread! The shelves roll out so we can see every wonderful cone. Packaged batting is also stored here, as well as in a cabinet in the garage next door. The bobbin winder and my longarm rulers are on top of the short shelves. Out of the picture, on the right, is a dorm frige and microwave. We could live in here, if we wanted to! Ha!

Paper pantographs. Sorted by theme.
Oh yes, Go Packers!!

Molly's domain. My books are here, as well as Molly's bed (she prefers the chair, of course),
My hand sewing supplies are on the table. The clock announces the hours with a different bird call every time. Mr Wazoo's longarm supplies are in the rolling cart.
He had this patriotic quilt in progress in the morning when we started working.

pretty quilt for a teenage grandson.

All finished by noon!

Panto: Star Spangled Banner

I am still working on this appliqued custom quilt, and will be for at least another day.

Mr W'a second quilt of the day will be there today for him to finish. You can see it was dark outside, so we quit for the day, and enjoyed a quiet evening of Midsommer Murders on the TV, and hand sewing the sleeve onto my show quilt.
The only thing I forgot to take a snap of was the cutting table. Ooh la end is a foot deep in scraps waiting to be cut into strips, or to be re-stored in their proper place, and the other end is always kept clear for cutting, trimming quilts, and previewing and writing up customer quilts.
I also have a desk in the studio with the laptop and writing supplies. Bo-ring!!!
Let's just go back to the studio and have more quilting fun! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Staying busy

We have been busy here at Wazoo, with quilting, physical therapy and preparation for the Florida show. I finished the quilting on my last show quilt, and got the sleeve, label and binding done, too! I can finally stop feeling nervous!!

Mr Wazoo is taking PT three times a week for his injured shoulder, and still manages to get at least one quilt done a day! Here are a couple of adorable quilts for grandkids of the customer.

Another pattern to customers are all so talented!!

I love the triangles in the corners! And it would use loads of scraps, too!

The backing is wonderful!!

And then, there are Minions!! My brother loves them, and so does the grandkid of my customer!

Speaking of my brother...he had his Quilt of Valor ceremony and got the quilt I made. My son held his phone up while I was on the other end, watching on facetime!! Cool! It was almost as nice as being there. Almost.

There is my son with the phone on the left. Two of my brother's nephews held up the quilt.

Karen Demaree from QOV did the presentation.

Here is the quilt.
I also finished my door panel or skinny quilt for the silent auction. Mr Wazoo put it in the mail today. It turned out so quirky and fun. I hope it does well for the guild.

Machine applique in progress.

Finished! Quilted and binding, sleeve and label attached.

I love this quilting design. Its called Inkblot.

The quilt name is 'Happy Jacks' and even the backing has them!
Mr Wazoo had a panto / custom project to do yesterday. He did the center pantograph, and I finished the borders with some custom quilting. There is nothing on our machines this morning, so we need to get busy again and quilt!!

Very pretty reproduction quilt.

Panto: Come dance with me

Two custom borders.