Saturday, June 10, 2017

Back to work.

Today began with a sparring match with a Koala cabinet. It arrived yesterday evening and we didn't want to fuss with finishing the assembly until this morning. Mr Wazoo just couldn't get it to fit together! I called the nearest Koala dealer and after he spoke with the representative, it was fixed. Now, I just need the machine... I have been waiting for two months so far for it to arrive. Bernina's on back order.


And my new slimline light, too.

The old Pfaff works just as well until the new machine comes.
During the remainder of the day, I quilted number six of the lady with eight quilts.  Unfortunately, the real number six had to be sidelined for not having enough backing. I can't quilt an 86 x 100 quilt with an 80 x 106 back. Won't fit.

A nice quilt for a man!

A peek at the back, too.

I chose this geometric pattern for the quilting.
Mr Wazoo is working on a Christmas quilt, but had to do some watering before he quit for the day.
A 2-3-2-6 quilt! Makes my heart sing to see someone make a quilt from a class I have taught.
Tomorrow, I'll be quilting or sewing and having a good time. What will you be doing?

Took a day off

I took the day off and went to Marietta for the Cobb County Quilt Show. My friend, Kay was an award winner in this prestigious event, and I am so happy for her! Please enjoy a slideshow of my favorite quilts out of the hundreds on display.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mr Wazoo comes home! And mows the lawn.

Mr Wazoo made his triumphant return yesterday evening, along with my daughter. They had a long trek from Oregon, and today, the movers unloaded the truck over in Charlotte, NC. Mr W spent the day finishing the brickwork pad at the bottom of the back steps, after a ride on the tractor to mow the grass. I'm glad he's back!
I spent the morning doing the hand sewing on the king sized Grunge quilt, and the customer will pick it up tomorrow. Yippee! I finished the cat quilt and will mail it off tomorrow.

After that, I loaded number five of the eight quilt lady's quilts. It was a challenge, with borders wavy like the ocean. I worked hard to get it to go flat, and think it looks fine. FYI...Everything wrong does not "quilt out". I took four hidden pleats in the borders to get it to go flat.

The quilt pattern is really pretty, but more care needed to be taken measuring and sewing on the borders. I will give her my trusty Measuring for Boarders sheet when I return the quilt.

Digital Panto: Swirls

The backing is the same fabric as the borders.
I finished this block-of-the-month quilt yesterday, but didn't get it trimmed until today.We have two more like this one! It was a class at our local quilt shop. There is always something fun going on at Fabrics Galore!

This looks like a complicated pattern...
I think the students did a good job.

Digital panto: Bubblicious

Dark gray back
While the machine was humming along, I finished the hand work on the three challenge quilts. I did some random big stitch in the background of the  bear wearing glasses. I like how it looks. I added yo-yos and buttons to the animals in the office quilt, too. Nothing new on the TV one, just binding.


computer back


glasses back


Television back

It didn't rain until after 7 today, so I took a few garden pictures. The flowers have taken a beating with all the rain, but they are coming back.

More fun tomorrow! My friend Kay and I are going to the Cobb County quilt show. Kay won a second place in the art quilt category! It was a great show last year, so I am looking forward to a fun day out.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Another dreary day

It didn't rain all day like the past few days, but it was gray and dreary. I drove to Blue Ridge to drop off my quilts at the art center for their fiber arts show. This will be the third time I have had quilts in their display. Our Blue Ridge guild walks to the venue and enjoys the quilts and other fiber artworks, before having dinner together. It makes for a nice change from our usual meeting.
Once I returned home, I began work on another block-of-the-month stars quilt just like the first two! I also picked up two more of the same quilt at the fabric shop, so they will certainly stir deja vu moments! It is slow going on the tiny custom quilt...I have been pulled in too many directions today.

I took this picture after finishing the stitch in the ditch.
The background fill is now done and I have just to add a few touches to the cats and flowers to be finished.
The binding is attached to the king sized Grunge fabric quilt and ready for the hand sewing. Before quitting for the day, I made the small wall hanging blocks for a challenge at the fabric shop. I am 6 days late getting them done, but they said its okay. I need to put on the binding and add some buttons, then I'll be done. The challenge gave us the block directions and a theme that had to be in the center window. My three items were: a television, a computer and glasses.
Here they are as far as I got by 7 PM.


Computer (needs buttons)

My favorite...Glasses
The only customer finish of the day was this tee shirt quilt. It is for an obviously goth grandson. Been there, seen that on my own son.

A husband and wife team made this quilt together.

They chose this flame design for the quilting.

Little skulls on the backing.

The only thing enjoying the rainy weather is the garden. The flowers were really pretty when I went back up to the house after work. The sun peeked out for a moment, too!


Stella d'Oro


I don't know...Mr W will have to tell me when he gets home.
He will be home tomorrow!! Yippee!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Still quilting!

We had a whirlwind week and I got a lot of work done in the studio. Why? you ask...because this is the time when Mr Wazoo is off driving my daughter and all her worldly goods from Oregon to North Carolina.Since Thursday, I have been able to spend all the time I want working in the studio and getting caught up.
The most pressing thing was a tee shirt quilt for a customer's son. Here are a few shots of the progress there.

You already saw day one, when I prepped the shirts.
This is day two: arranging them in some sort of cohesive order.

Day three was spent making filler bits to make the rows the same length.
I construct the quilt in columns. Big shirt columns and small shirt columns.
Small motifs get made into circles and appliqued on.

Day four, construct the quilt with the borders,
and make the back.

Day five: quilt the project and make binding.

Panto: Dazzle
Today, I sewed the binding on and tonight I will do the hand sewing. During the day today, I quilted a giant Grunge collection quilt. Tomorrow, I'll get the binding on and do the hand sewing in the evening.

I used a variegated thread to go with the grunge fabrics.
Same panto as the tee shirt quilt, Dazzle, per customer wishes.
Here are the other quilts I did during the week. It doesn't bother me to work until seven or eight if I know I don't have to stop and make supper for the man. Its a nice change.

One of the eight quilts from the same customer.
And you thought I made a lot of quilts!

Panto: Come dance with me

One of the mystery customer quilts.
Do you recognize it?!

Panto: Zephyr

The other mystery quilt.
How about this one? Ring a bell?!

Panto: Stacked Snailz

Back to the eight quilt lady...

Panto: Fans

eight lady again!

Panto: Daisies

Eight lady again.

Panto: Frisky Feathers
Well, I had better sign off and get to the hand sewing. No man here, so I am indulging in chick flicks and a glass of wine! Cheers!!