Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New look

I didn't quilt or sew today. I took care of quilt show business and got my hair cut. I feel so much better!! Hair in my face drives me nuts, and I think I was almost there until I got it cut off. I'll be back at work tomorrow.

Yup! I'm happy.

Side view

Other side. Uncle Leo is photobombing me!! He is still sporting his eclipse glasses...silly dummy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Chicken eye candy

Chickens done!

I made two of each one of these fabrics.


 They are so darn cute...I hate to stick pins in them!

I hope other people like them, too!

Pick a little, talk a little, cheep cheep cheep, talk a little more!

Off to the studio!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sunday sewing

We quilted yesterday, and I made my 20 chickens. It was a good day!
I quilted this adorable wiener dog quilt

I especially like this one with glasses!!

Panto: African Samba

Mr Wazoo did this reversible flannel quilt

Panto: Small Splat

The back is the reverse of the front.

I also made a couple of large blocks to use for throw pillows for the boutique.
I had left over strips from another project.

Bag of chickens, ready to turn and stuff.
Tonight, I will sew the openings shut and add beads for eyes.
I used fabrics from my scrap bag. I have great scraps!
Off to the studio!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dumbellina sews crafts

Yesterday, I decided to make some items for the show boutique, and it turned into a comedy of errors. I have to admit, it was funny and I didn't feel too bad in the end.
First, I sewed two backs together instead of a back and front while making a fleece bear. It would have been a one armed, one legged I threw it away and started again. Next, I put one eye too low on another bear, so he looks a bit like Disney's Quasimoto, but I did keep that one. When making my test chicken pin cushion, I sewed right side to wrong side and tossed it, too. Then, I wanted to change bobbin color and discovered I had the bobbin case stuck in the machine. Really stuck. So stuck, I took the bobbin assembly apart right down to taking the hook assembly out and still couldn't free the trapped bobbin. I called my dealer, and he and I spent 15 minutes trying stuff over the phone until, at last, it popped out! Eureka!! I thanked him profusely and went back to the machine. I couldn't get it all back together. Called again, dropped the bobbin case which bounced under the cabinet, crawled around on the floor to get it, (I have to Swiffer under there...eek!) and was talked through the re-assembly. I will thank him in person at the show because they are vending there!
It took five hours to make two bears and one chicken!! ha ha ha... I cut out twenty more chickens, so I imagine I'll be at it another five hours today. Still, I did get something accomplished for the boutique, even if it will only bring in a pittance.

20 chickens, ready for assembly

A batik bear with a goofy eye, a fleece bear with a squeaker inside, and one chicken (lower right corner)

This is the gift from my Florida friend. Sums my feelings up perfectly!
I put it on the wall in the office area of the studio.

My 'office'.

I made three of these . The fourth one bit the dust when I sewed the buttonhole the wrong direction. Just like Eleanor, I threw it over my shoulder onto the floor and pressed on.

The table runner from leftover quilt orphans is quilted, has binding and is ready for hand sewing. I should stick to quilted items...they turn out nice!

Here is the backing.
The bear's stuffing holes are stitched up, the chicken stuffing hole as well, and the binding sewed down on the runner. All this sewing done while enjoying a Miss Fisher Mysteries marathon on PBS.
Time to get more laughs in the studio. Chickens await!