Saturday, September 16, 2017

Odds and ends

 Show week starts tomorrow with the take in of the quilts. I have all my quilts ready, threads trimmed and tidy.
Quilts in bags, sewing machine table ready for the demonstrations...
My bears turned out kind of cute. Not prize winning cute, but nice.

Aye caramba! Daca grew a moustache.

Elmer is ready for hunting season.
All the other stuff is ready for price tags. I have a few more items I hope to finish, but if I don't, they will be nice Christmas gifts!

It will all go in boxes later today.

Basket full of chickens!

I attached snaps to some of the bibs, but it was a frustrating task!

The squeezy tool was nearly impossible to line up with the snap parts, and I wasted at least ten snaps. Prying them off the bib was difficult, and I managed to do this before I switched to velcro...
OUCH!! Pinched it and made a blood blister.
Mr Wazoo took a partial day off from yard tinkering and quilted a couple of customer projects. 

This quilt is so cheerful and pretty! I love the fabric selections.
He used the panto, Small Splat, which is perfect for quilts like this.
The backing is this soft polka dot fabric
This lively, colorful quilt makes me happy!
The hearts and flowers panto is called Springtime
Yowza! I love this backing!!

When Mr W finished his quilting, he was off to the nursery for some plants. He has enough shrubs for the rest of the driveway now.
Why does every shopping trip he takes end up looking like this?
Or this...
I guess its okay when it turns into this
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Or the driveway looks like this!

Here is the tree that fell in the back yard. Way back and not bothering anything. We'll leave it  where it is.
I'm glad it didn't fall toward the house. Its a tall one, so I think it would have hit us.
Later, we were sitting in the living room with the doors and windows open, and I mentioned it smelled like dog poop. Old man says, " could be the compost in the truck..." Turns out, he also bought a load of cow manure and parked it below the bedroom windows. I had a fan going in the window, and it was dispersing the aroma through the whole house. Yum...
What would I do without him? Its always an adventure.
The source of the smell
My windows, with a fan wafting the smell into the house.
(oh yeah...Go Packers!!)

Everything was fine by bedtime, so I guess its okay to have a load of manure under the window overnight. But, today, it has to go!! I'll be in the studio.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Storm has passed, on with the show!

We lost power a few moments after I finished the last blog entry, and I have been busy with my evacuees from Florida until today, when they braved the ride back to their home. It will be some time yet before we find out how they fared. The road south, Interstate 75, is clogged with people wanting to get home, and the gas situation is sketchy. I hope they do okay, especially with two dogs in the car!
The only perk from having no power is that I cleaned the refrigerator when I had to move all the food to the back porch freezer to plug it to the generator. 16  hours later we had power again and I moved all the stuff back. We defrosted the porch freezer, too. Everything is sparkling clean and tidy! I can now find stuff that used to be lost in the bottom of the freezer. Yippee!
Needless to say, no quilting was accomplished. We wandered out to assess the local damage from the storm, and fortunately, we did well. One tree down, but parallel to the house and not a problem. We'll leave it to nature to use as she pleases. Not everyone did as well. There were many trees and wires down in the countryside by our house, and some of my friends had no power for a long period of time. The weather was wonderfully cool, so we just left the windows and doors open.
Today, we had the last meeting before the show week starts on Sunday. Everything is rolling along well and I sure am excited to see it up and open!
If you are in the north Georgia mountains, western North Carolina, north western South Carolina or south eastern Tennessee and love quilts, come on over to Blairsville and enjoy the show. Friday 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 4 at the House of Prayer Church Gym, 1400 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville, GA. There are oodles of fun things to do and see besides the show itself, so come on over.
I'll be back soon with pictures...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma comes to town

Florida had a bad couple of days and my friends there had to bug out. Two of them, and their dogs have come to the Georgia mountains to ride out the storm here. Now, it looks like we are going to get the tail end of the storm tonight.
In order to pass the time waiting and watching it develop on TV, my friend and I have been chatting, perusing Pinterest and making flower magnets. They were more fun than I thought they would be!

I had18 magnets, so we made 18 flowers

some have rounded petals

some have pointed petals

all of them have scrappy cuteness!
I also decided to make one of my little bears a Mexican bear, Daca. 

Little Daca wants to go home with an American quilter.
The other bear will be a country bear who likes to hunt. I am thinking of ways to make his accessories...

Elmer the bear

His accoutrement will include a beer and a gun
Okay, let's get serious. I had a customer who needed a quilt made in a day, so I used her panel and made this little baby quilt for her start to finish in just a few hours.

Very cute!

Panto: African Samba

Her backing was 16 inches short, so I added some teddy bears from my stash.
Now, it's night, the lights keep dimming and blinking, its raining hard, and I fear we will lose power soon. We're watching Midsomer Murders, and I will probably miss the part where they reveal the killer...bummer! Maybe I'll have to watch it on Netflix later. If the lights go out, I have my kindle all charged up and ready to go. I am just a few chapters into a juicy Aunt Bessie mystery. More tomorrow, I hope!