Friday, November 3, 2017

What's going on? Where are you?

My easy answer is , North Carolina. My beautiful daughter had a seizure. Not a small one, the granddaddy of seizures. I quickly drove to NC to be with her and help get her over this hump in life. The whole story is too long for a blog, but let's just say we are dealing with epilepsy, a seizure disorder. Not good for a young professional...and really not good for her Mom and Dad. Thankfully, she had the best of care at the hospital where she is a P.A. and has gone home on medication with orders of what to do and not to do. I got home today.

The room was spartan, and really strange

Yes, there was a toilet in a cabinet...right in the room. Like a prison cell.

My girl took it all in stride and smiled for the EEG

Well, sort of.

24 hours of brain waves

Patrick the tech was meticulous. It took 3 hours to put the leads on.

I went to the apartment for a few minutes every day to feed and humor Maxine while she was on her own.
Mr Wazoo quilted his heart out while I was gone, but I'm not sure if he took any pictures. He took in quilts, quilted a few and and gave some to waiting customers. He was a trooper!
As soon as I got home, I finished the quilt I was working on before the trip, as well as sewing up the cloth book for my grandson.

All done!

In the center, pantograph, Flower Festival.

In the borders, piano keys and feathers.

Very lovely quilt!

A soft book about our family. ha ha

I love the pictures.

Home and happy. Work resumes in earnest tomorrow.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tee shirt quilt finish

I thought today would be fun, and it was!! We started out with a facetime call from my grandson who will be two next week. He is so happy and carefree...a wonderful way to start the day.
We didn't get to the studio until afternoon because of shopping errands that had to be done. But once we were there, the machines were revved up and humming. I started by finishing the tee shirt quilt with the shadows. It turned out fantastic! I think the customer will love it.

The colors are so nice, and the shadows totally cool.

Panto: Flower Power

The backing is grunge in this soothing teal.

All bound and ready to go.
I also worked on the custom borders for the quilt Mr Wazoo started. The customer wanted the center done with a panto and the border done custom. It is a sweet, feminine quilt, with a hand appliqued border.

It should be finished tomorrow

Mr Wazoo worked, too, and finished this more sophisticated Autumn quilt.


After finishing the quilt, Mr W gave Molly a bath. What a guy!!

You can just see Molly's face on the left. Poor baby...she hates the bath.
It may have rained all day, but we didn't care. Any day filled with quilting is a sunny day.