Thursday, December 28, 2017

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with two of our kids and the littlest grandson, Dechen. One day, we'll have everyone here, and what a blast that will be! Until that day, we are so grateful for the family spread out over the states and unable to make it here.
All the cookies were a hit, and Christmas dinner with friends and family was a joyous occasion. I read on a blog that knowing Christmas is 365 days away gives one a sense of power. It gives me hope. Hope for a better year to come and everyone here next time.
Merry Christmas from our family!

Mr Santa got me these shelves for the studio and put them up for Christmas.

The last batch of cookies!

Andy and Dechen share some cookies

Grandson watches trains on Mama's phone

Getting into his stocking

Grandma's tree is full of sparkling surprises

We start quilting in a few days, but we are enjoying the time together while we can. Happy New Year, to my readers. Do something creative in 2018.