Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back to business, as usual

My day got a later than usual start, due to an early dental appointment. Good news, nothing wrong, and now my teeth are super clean.
Back in the studio, I got started on a customer commissioned tee shirt quilt. Loads of shirts to back and cut. I think I will be putting some of the numbers on the back so it will finish a manageable size. Tomorrow, I will get the sashing cut and probably have the top sewn together. I have a pair of army print PJ pants the customer wants on the quilt, so that will be a go for some of the sashing. The rest will be black solid fabric.

A couple of the shirts fell down right before I snapped the picture...

This kid played every sport!! Look at all the numbers!

Even more numbers!!
Mr Wazoo quilted this house BOM quilt. Does it look a bit familiar? We did the customer's friend's quilt a couple of weeks ago. This one features homespun and flannel fabrics. Nice!

Panto: Featherize

This was the friend's quilt.

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