Sunday, January 28, 2018

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy affair, but that didn't stop customers from visiting the studio. Three drop-offs and two pick-ups. That's unusual for any Saturday!
On Friday afternoon, Mr Wazoo and I did a mega tidy and clean in there, trying to make it look as if we have a bonafide business venture going on.
Late Saturday (after messing it up with work...) here is what it looked like. Please note the lack of threads and dust bunnies on the floor!!

That's the biggest open area we have seen on the cutting table in months!!

All quilting was finished for the day, so the machines were idle and stacked with the day's finished work. Look how nice the rugs are!! And our resident photo-bomber...cute as usual.

I was in the process of pressing the binding out before sewing it down on the last of the nine little day care quilts.

My BOM samples are on the design wall, and my new Ikea wall cubes in use.

On the other side of the room, I tidied up the fabric wall, cut all of the last two weeks scraps into strips and put them in the proper bins (on top) and have the Sunday work staged.

I even cleaned off my sewing cabinet!! Gosh, that machine is so pretty and really a wonderful addition to the Wazoo studio.
Mr Wazoo worked in his man cave, quilting pantos and listening to music.

This quilt is vibrant colors, but because of the poor lighting, it looks a bit dull.

Panto: Falmingo sunset

My friend, Joan A., would love this paisley backing!

One of my octogenarian customers made this 3D looking log cabin quilt

I love the log cabin centers, making it log cabin in a log cabin! Ha! Panto: Retro leaves

It is backed with the log cabin fabric. Whew! I've used 'log cabin' enough for a while.
I finished up adding the bindings on the day care quilts, quilted another comfort quilt for the evening guild  and need to bind the Second Wind charity quilt today. I'll be starting a tee shirt quilt, too.

Comfort quilt done in a nice purple and yellow scheme.

My go-to panto: Flower Power

Great tie dye green flannel back

A big stack of little quilts! All set to mail off tomorrow.
Half the day is gone, and I haven't even managed to get dressed! I had better get moving if I intend to accomplish anything. Happy Sunday!


  1. Wow! Busy and productive! Love that sly log cabin quilt. And I'm very impressed with the loooong row of ribbons up on your wall :)

    1. Lots of the ribbons are for quilting. The others are for my own quilts. I'm kind of over entering shows and switched gears into more charitable quilts. In the end, what will my kids do with all those show quilts? Charity quilts get used right away.


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