Monday, February 12, 2018

Huzzah!! Hoorah!!

Today is a great day!! I have finished the double knit polyester quilt repair. 92 blocks replaced, the binding re-sewn and 4 blocks repaired. I will give it an Oxyclean soak, hoping to remove some of the mold from the back, and then a good wash and the triumphant return to the customer's family. I hope I never have another quilt made of double knit again!

It doesn't look half bad...but it still weighs 40 pounds!!

Mr Wazoo took advantage of the rainy cold weather to dash off the quilting on this twister wreath. The customer is really getting a jump on Christmas!

I have made these before. It is a really fun technique!

Panto: Holly berries

The quilting really shows on the back
I spent my 'day off' lolly-gagging while watching highlights from the Olympics and eating French toast. I started in the studio at noon, and managed to finish one of the baby quilts for the soon-to-be twin girls for a friend of our own twins! The blocks are ready to be sewn on the second quilt, and I should be able to fit that in tomorrow after my Block of the month class. Mr Wazoo says if the weather is bad, he will get the first one quilted for me. How sweet...(pray for rain!)

The first of the two quilts has the aqua alternate blocks.

I used a Moda Jelly Roll, I think it is called something Lullabye, but I can't remember. I will check the label tomorrow and put the collection title here.
Here is the second quilt, waiting to be sewn.

The peach color isn't right in this picture. It is much lighter than it looks here.

Cute animals in the focus fabric of the collection.
The taupe fabric with the little ducks will be the back of both quilts.

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